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Social media and compliance, online privacy, Twitter security and the CIO of Massachusetts [new articles]

After to moving to DC the beginning of August, I’ve focused in on my beat:  how laws and regulations affects IT operations.

I described how Anne Marguiles is approaching her role as the CIO of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, focusing on innovation, privacy and security.

I reported on the amendment of the  Massachusetts data protection law.

I wrote  a digest of some of the debate in the blogosphere, positing that standards aren’t security, when it comes to PCI compliance and Heartland’s data breach.

Prompted by the work of a contributor, I asked what online privacy expectations exist for social media use at work?

Afterwards, I published a series on social media and compliance, focusing first on online privacy regulations, then the ECPA and online privacy and finally drafting a social media and online privacy policy.

Recently, I blogged about how a Twitter security hole highlights need for a social media policy today.

It’s been a great first month in Washington. I look forward to the return of Congress in September.

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