I find demonstrated social proof helpful whenever I meet people. That’s especially true when I virtually encounter other netizens and need to decide whether to follow, friend, reply to or pass on news from others. Trust-based systems are hard to come by online. It’s crucial for doing business, exchanging information or visiting malware-laden websites.

I hope you’ll find some of the following recommendations helpful in whether you’d like to get to know me better. I’d outright disavow some of the more outrageous statements below if they hadn’t made by people for whom I hold a great deal of respect.

If you’d like to vouch for the quality of my work, character or ability to boil an egg, please recommend me or LinkedIn.  Thank you, everyone.


“Alex is doing great work on open government and the open society. Proud to be his friend as well as his employer.”
Tim O’Reilly, Founder, CEO at O’Reilly Media

“A respected trend-spotter and chronicler of government’s use of new media.”-Garrett M. Graff, Editor-in-Chief of The Washingtonian

“If you want to keep tabs on what’s happening in the public sector as it relates to the digital age, then Alex is your guy.”
Jason Hiner
Editor in Chief, TechRepublic at CBS Interactive

“For good linkology in the mindcasting style, go with @digiphile.”
Jay Rosen
Professor of Journalism, NYU | PressThink

“one of the best commentators on the government’s embrace of social media and new technologies.”
Kashmir Hill
Columnist, Forbes

“@digiphile has some of the best DC coverage around!”
Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET, CBS Interactive.

“I got to know Alex because of our shared interest in technology’s impact on the business world. I’ve come to value his insights and opinions tremendously, and always learn something new when I talk to him or read a piece he’s written. Alex possesses a reporter’s interest in the details of a situation, a geek’s love of technology, and a pundit’s ability to see the big picture. He’s also a prolific contributor in a number of online communities; I don’t know where he finds the time! If you want to understand where technology is going and/or explain it to your customers, you’ll be lucky to have Alex on your team.”
Andrew McAfee
Principal research scientist at the Center for Digital Business in the MIT Sloan School of Management, and fellow at the Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society|

“Brilliant tech writer, passionate local human, and someone I’m glad I know. Oh, and @digiphile is a great source of info.”
Chris Brogan
President of New Marketing Labs

“Alex is the archetype for the modern journalist — smart, intellectually curious, fast, well-connected, engaged. He is a Twitter black belt — providing huge value in 140 characters to the many thousands of people who follow him. At the same time, his analysis of events is sophisticated and original. While I was never fortunate enough to have Alex write for me (we were at competing companies), I’ve watched and admired his work for a couple of years now. If I were to build an editorial team today, I’d want him on it. He’s a connector who manages to be both opinionated and personable as hell. Alex Howard is going places.”
Abbie Lundberg, President at Lundberg Media and former Editor in Chief, CIO Magazine

“I sincerely believe that Alex has probably done everything at least once. An avid fisherman and outdoorsman, he is equally comfortable behind a laptop hammering out technical copy, articles, newsletters, and definitions. When he’s not doing that, you can probably find him online at any number of social media sites, sharing his thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to science to local sports and events. I could go on, but I’ll end it here with a firm recommendation for any job that requires intelligent writing, commentary and appropriate wit.”
Jack Loftus
SEO Program Manager, CIDC | Contributing Editor, Gizmodo

“Alex is EVERYWHERE, a great news source, hell of a writer. Instant asset in your twitter stream.”
Brock N. Meeks
Director of Communications
| Center for Democracy and Technology

“More positive awesomeness.”

Writer, editor, blogger, brand-ette

“A great guy, writer, techie, foodie, cyclist (& former Bostonian).”
Laurel Ruma, Editor, O’Reilly Media

“What can I say about Alex, other than, “RUN!” I kid, I kid. You shouldn’t run away from Alex, you should back away slowly and don’t look him directly in the eyes (it only provokes him). I kid, I kid. Alex is a good guy–smart as a whip, tall as a stalk of corn, able to cook one hell of a meal in a single bound. Plus, he could fix your computer while installing wood paneling in your living room. What else could you ask for?”
– Dagan Loisel
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago | Ober Lab

“Kind, tall, good-looking and smart. Thanks for the link sharing. My favorite twerson for Thursday.”
-Jeff Cutler
Columnist, essayist, writer, journalist |

“Alex is a talented and highly knowledgeable Editor. When I needed to know about developments in Web 2.0, I’d turn to Alex for his take on a new product or service. Alex’s understanding of the technology space always impressed me — many folks I know are broad OR deep on knowledge, but Alex really is both. You could pick any IT expert and Alex would be able to have an enlightening interview with him or her. I’d look to work again with Alex if a future opportunity were to develop.”
-Dennis Shiao
Client Services Executive, InXpo Consulting Group | It’s All Virtual

“Alex was a very helpful resource for me as I navigated into the social media space. His thorough understanding of the nuances of success in social media were unparalleled in our company. I also observed Alex’s dedication to learning as much as he could about new products, technologies and software in the social media and digital space through closely following his Twitter stream and blog updates. I know Alex would be an asset to any company involved in these areas, as I’m sure he’ll continue to be a lifelong student of technology.”
Leah Rosin
Site Editor, TechTarget

“Thanks to @digiphile, I now know that there is a crapload of way cool stuff going on in Boston on a daily basis.”
-Dave Chen
Writer, podcaster |

“Alex is knowledgeable about even the most obscure and far-flung social networking platforms and online content. An asset to any company needing to boost its Web 2.0 knowledge or presence.”
-Beth Pariseau
Senior News Writer, TechTarget | Grand Mental Station | Cursed to First

“One of the few ‘social guys’ that’s actually social.”
Entrepreneur, author, speaker |

“Alex has a thorough understanding of social media technologies, and in my opinion was the social media leader at my company. Alex realizes that social media isn’t good in and of itself, that it should be used in a productive manner, such as to drive business needs. Alex also has a clear and detailed understanding of various technologies, both of the consumer and enterprise ilk.”
Mark Fontecchio
News Writer, TechTarget

“As Beth Pariseau wrote, he has an appreciation for the “most obscure and far-flung social networking platforms and online content.” Not to sound cliche, but that’s the truth. I first met Alex at a networking breakfast of media makers. Alex makes media. He uses his obscure knowledge to make media and build relationships. I don’t know if he’s looking for a new job or a new client or a new anything, but if you want a relationship builder and a technology wonk, Alex is your man.”
Ari Herzog
Principal, Ari Herzog & Associates |

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