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Top 5 Twitter tips and the best Twitter tools [podcast]

My colleague, Elaine Hom, was kind enough to invite me to sit in on her website’s monthly podcast, “Reality Check.” In the episode, I offered up my “Top Twitter tips and the best Twitter tools

I was well-caffeinated, as you’ll hear, but I’m generally quite proud of the final product. I hope others will find is useful for navigating Twitter in an efficient way and make some meaning out of that noise.

Listen to: Top Twitter Tools and Tips

Reality Check: Top Twitter tips and the best Twitter tools
29 May 2009 | SearchUnifiedCommunications.com

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“The challenges of a state CIO” [New podcast]

I was happy to find the podcast  I recorded with Anne Marguiles at the top of SearchCIO.com tonight. The conversation I had with the Commonwealth’s CIO is captured in two portions at “The challenges of a state CIO.” Marguiles was an engaging interview and offered insight on a wide variety of technological challenges and opportunities that exist in 2009 for government agencies and their leaders.

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Talking about e-health under a new administration

I recorded a new podcast about e-health and IT compliance earlier this month that just went live this week over at the IT Compliance Advisor blog: Dr. William Yasnoff on e-health and compliance in healthcare IT infrastructure.

I’m proud of the work and grateful to the good doctor for taking some time to talk with me about compliance in healthcare IT, e-health, Dossia and what changes we might expect to IT healthcare policy under Obama.

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