On WBUR, social media and tweetups

I’ve now been to two tweetups at WBUR, my local NPR news station. I’ve enjoyed each immensely, meeting new people, enjoying deep discussions about the place of social media in public radio and how the delivering the news is changing.

I’d meant to write both experiences up but had necessarily pushed that effort down the list of priorities. Earlier today, I noticed that Chris Brogan had posted about the WBUR tweetup on his blog and had mentioned me. Once I was at the post, I found myself writing a long comment. Chris decided to make the comment its own post, Alex Howard on Public Radio, and published it.

Needless to say, I was surprised and deeply complimented. I’d been thinking about how social media and public radio might relate since the last tweetup; this response reflected many of those musings. Thanks for giving those thoughts a platform, Chris.


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2 responses to “On WBUR, social media and tweetups

  1. hey alex. thanks for your post here and for the comment post on cb’s blog. while i have not at all been a reg. listener to npr, i do enjoy when i do tune in. your thoughts have nudged me to make it a regular practice and i join you in thinking about how social media tools beckon us to consider a more thoughtful way for each of us to share our sense of what is newsworthy. you’ve jogged my thoughts to start considering this much. i’ll come back and post more as i get more aha’s. thanks for your posts.

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